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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the goal of this agency?

Here at Platinum Models our goal is to provide a platform for new & Upcoming models Actors & various other talented individuals By giving them work & opportunities in the fields they strongly desire & Specialize in. we are a TRAINING AGENCY meaning we TRAIN YOU ON YOUR SKILLSET and help you build your PORTFOLIO and INTRODUCE YOU to NETWORKING Circles including getting you ready FOR TV & BIG MODELING Opportunities 



what type of work will you be doing with us?

 attending events related to there respective talents such as modeling, Models will be shooting for our own clothing brand Platinum Appearance including holidays & special events Photoshoots including but not limited to just that.

what services will you provide for actors?

For Actors we are focused on providing them with the guaranteed opportunity to appear in potential blockbusters short films feature films skits Hosting & Several other Acting related gigs including our very own acting classes to help improve their skill set yearly.

What services will you provide for Make up artist?

Make Up artist will be provided with the guaranteed opportunities to build their portfolio by providing services to the models & actors in need of on site make up artist including but not limited to photoshoots & on set filming make up duty.

What services will you provide for photographers?

Photographers will be provided the guaranteed opportunity to build their portfolio by working with models & attending out movie sets to cover Director Of Photography Positions.  


Will i get paid for anything?

Yes & No ...lets start with yes meaning that we will list you on our website as available to book should you get booked by a client you will get paid for that event in other words we DO NOT GUARANTEE bookings UNLESS we DECIDE to book you in house for a modeling gig which is separate from your training that you are PAYING FOR.


Is this agency free?

NO like any other business we have expenses the money you pay in is what keeps the opportunities and trips possible for example in 2020 we rented a 56 seater charter bus and loaded it with our models which allowed us to film episode 1 & 2 of our Reality Tv Show Platinum Models Atlanta which is available on Amazon Xumo Tubi TV and more the models that believed in the company themselves and each other achieved the goal of being on tv in front of millions of people making history to become the 1st family member to appear on major networks by making investments into your dreams,


Can I apply & Model if i live in another state? 

Yes we will send you clothing packages with instruction's on how to proceed moving forward. 

Can i get training if i live in another state? 

Yes everyone is required to enter our model training course program.

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